Hi! I’m

And this is my plant-based story.
Together with my family, we live in old, higlander’s cottage, near the forest. We are vegetarians who promote lifestyle with highest respec for Nature’s laws. I challenged myself to make people aware that plant-based means tastier and healthier.
I manage Jogurty MAGDA company.

My grandfather was making yoghurts.

My father did them too. I am also making yoghurts now, but decided to continue our tradition in completely different, 100% plant-based direction. However, I deeply respect the knowledge and passion they have given me.

We have a lot in common.

I’m a woman, mum of two and an avid foodie. 
I’m also an indoor decorator, hence love of design, art and good taste is overriding value for me. I care about my family so I deliberately choose what is healthy and precious.
If you are reading this, we are very much alike.

I am surrounded by amazing people

MAGDA is a team of upbeat, very diversified but authentic people. We are guided by our values, which allow us to achieve more. We love what we do, as for us it is more than passion.

I am changing the world

I’ ve been fascinated by plant flavours and how vegan diet changes people and the world for years. I wish people start making contact with nature again, which is why I am constantly looking for masterly solutions to win the undecided to my green side!




Jestem najchętniej wybieranym, zdrowym produktem roślinnym

Wartości Magdy
I’m a pioneer
I’m responsible
I’m happy
I’m myself
Cooperation with
any pioneer gives better results.

It often surpasses expectations.
Number 1 among our values, as we love new challenges.